01 October 2020

01 October 2020

Great Journey 🏍🏍 Day 29

Today we're going to do something crazy: we're going on an excursion. With the motorbikes. Since we've been on the road, we've only ever gone further. On detours and beautiful routes, but always from A to B.

Today we drive to Lake Wörthersee. Keep an eye out for Roy Black (who unfortunately - I learn on the phone from my mum - is no longer alive) and the castle on Lake Wörthersee. We drive along the south shore road, cheese by the lake, eat fantastic risotto and record a new podcast episode. This time it's about setting off, having courage and why we find family planning more courageous than our journey. It's already online on Spotify & co. Enjoy it!

1TP5Lake Wörthersee 1TP5Carinthia 1TP5Austria


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