07 July 2021

07 July 2021

Great Journey 🏍 Day 305
Good morning from our holiday. Good morning here in eco-village is called "Kikerekiii" in the canon. From about 5 o'clock. At noon the chirps (or whatever the critters are called) join in and in the evening the mosquitoes have a rendezvous. At night we watch geckos on the ceiling. The only thing we don't see are turtles.

My supply of oatmeal mercilessly becomes Gerd's property and is consistently fed to the chicks, who by now know which bungalow is ours and wait patiently there. Because of non-existent or un-pettable cats, Gerd now mutates into a chicken daddy. I can already see us after our trip on "our little farm". Animals of this world, just come to us! Gerd feeds you!

We wanted more nature. And we got it. And: it's a dream here, the peace, the nature, the sea and the sweet almost doing nothing. Maybe we'll extend our stay a bit longer. We'll see. But there will be time for decisions later. Tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow.

#MmyManinhisElement #welcomeinparadise #cirali #Grille #HChickenParadise


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