07 September 2020

07 September 2020

Great Journey 🏍🏍 Day 5

And suddenly we are in front of the huge motorway sign: "A2 Berlin". Malou jolts briefly and then accelerates, uninteresting become the country roads, the avenues, the beautiful area from Hanover to Brandenburg. We cross the Elbe, the old checkpoint in Helmstedt and only a little later we are on the Ring. The old hunger tower near Königs Wusterhausen comes into view ("They put children in there who don't eat up!" is the sound of children in my childhood days). I remember from my childhood) and at some point we cross the Spree. My first home comes closer and closer.

Spotify sends "High on Emotion" into my helmet. And tears roll unobserved under the visor, heart and belly tingle with anticipation.

#heimat #berlin

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