070 - Malta. The Three Cities, Dingli Cliffs, Ancient Temples and Mdina by Night

070 - Malta. The Three Cities, Dingli Cliffs, ancient temples and Mdina by night.

I spent the next few mornings at the English school. And I have to say: top! Most of my inhibitions about speaking in English have disappeared. I still don't care about grammar, but I enjoy talking. Even though I can't always say everything I want to, I can't always do that in German either.

What else was going on? 

We were in the Three Cities, in Birgu. And we went hiking at ancient temples (about 6000 years old) and at Dingli Cliff. A dream hike, just the way I like it. And we were in Mdina at night. Pure romance. But listen for yourself! And above all: look at the pictures.

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