107 - Girls' Enduro Training with Tina Meier in the Driving Area

Hello comfort zone! Today I'm leaving you. But for real.

To simply drive more enjoyably, you have to I learn what my motorbike has long been able to do. To react correctly on loose surfaces and muddy paths, to "jump" over humps and to still enjoy all of this.

Gerd interviewed me for about an hour about my Dirt Girls Weekend. If you don't want to take the hour: it was awesome! But if you want to dive in a bit, you're welcome to.

As always, the pictures are here or on the blog. Also, information about Tina, a wild off-road queen and at the same time an empathetic bike trainer, and the driving area where the whole thing took place.

Tina Meier Women's Enduro Training

Driving Area in Germany's north (as seen from us)

Do you have questions, ideas, tips for further tours? Let us know, write to us or comment on Insta or Facebook!

Best wishes - still from Switzerland,
Heike & Gerd

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4 years ago

I listened to the podcast yesterday on my way home from work.
I really had to grin at the statement about the different approaches of female and male course participants. Subconsciously, the men immediately want to prove themselves and do better than the others. Whether the behaviour is subconscious or conscious, it is probably present in all of them.

About riding on gravel, you mentioned quite aptly towards the end of the podcast that in most cases the motorbike can do much more than the rider is capable of. You just have to dare to go out and ride.

1 year ago

A great podcast episode. I'm a man, but I can totally relate to what Heike says about the world of men. I think it's great that there are courses for women.