11 December 2020

11 December 2020

Great Journey 🏍 Day 101
The thing about coincidences.
Or is it the thing with the focus on encounters?

In Koroni, at the harbour, we meet a slightly rainy rooftop tent camper couple from (my) home country during our almost daily round of feeding the buffalos. We quickly realise that it somehow fits. We exchange contacts, you never know. And when we say goodbye, I call out: "If you ever want a hot shower, get in touch!
Then one or two days later: "Is there actually still a flat available in your area, you were so enthusiastic about it? We quickly told our snooze mum, and a few hours later we had neighbours. And, on top of that, gingerbread, the smell of Christmas with smoky mannequin houses and original Reudorfer incense. And best of all: wonderful travel stories while we cook (and eat) dinner together.

Barbara and Robert, also two motorcyclists lured down in Greece (by the way: they lured us here, thanks for that!), come to visit us. We offer our sofa for napping, are happy to have visitors here too. I am completely in my Christmas element, cooking Greek stifado with way too much red wine, loading the table full of gingerbread, roasted almonds (our son can do them much better!) and Mandarindli and once again we are in a frenzy of joy. Need I mention that the two of them have not taken our sofa to snooze on, but the penultimate free flat here in the house?

#makethebestofLockdown #BuildCommunities #happyme


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Barbara Fricke
Barbara Fricke
2 years ago

Dear Heike, I follow your blog with enthusiasm. And hats off to you, it's really brilliant that you didn't let Trott Corona dissuade you from your idea and how you know how to create a great time for yourselves. I'm still following a family travelling in a WoMo with kids and dogs. Despite the difference in starting points, there are parallels: the approaching lockdown in the countries, the decision how to continue, the search for a domicile for the winter. And while reading this blog, I noticed something else. The names Barbara & Robert also appeared in the other blog. They seem to have met in Estonia (or was it Latvia🤔). Laugh, it's a small world after all😉 All the best to you, I'm still here and wish you a wonderful Advent season. Love Babsi