12 September 2020

12 September 2020

Great Journey 🏍🏍 Day 10

Two years ago we saw the film "Gundermann". Completely impressed by the GDR culture and also the huge open-cast lignite mining areas, we are drawn to Jänschwalde. There is not much going on here. We let our eyes wander over this seemingly endlessly emptied region and are amazed at how deep the seams have to be dug. All we discover is sand. Lots of sand.

In my all-knowing mobile phone I read about bucket wheel excavators, which are among the largest and most spectacular excavators in the world. And now we see them "for real". Very impressive.

When we look at these huge "dead" areas, we realise that open-cast lignite mining has caused unbelievable damage to nature. Renaturation is already underway in many places here and gives us hope.

A little later, our sat nav sends us once again into "Gjät", leading us along roads that the monstrous excavators have long since chewed away. So it's a case of "turning safely in 24 turns" on the narrowest of roads (thank you Norman for this wonderful formulation of my turning technique!). And on we go to the next surprise of the day. But more about that later.

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3 years ago

Is brown coal still being mined there? Yes, humanity is destroying too much.