13 July 2021

13 July 2021

Great Journey 🏍 Day 311
In addition to the two wonderful seas, Turkey also has great lakes in the mountains on offer
We drive to a reservoir that could actually be a bit fuller, too little rain for years, we are told.

From our campsite (which turned out to be glamping, okay!) we had a fantastic view of the lake, added another night and woke up twice with the sunrise rays on our faces.

The view of the mountains was magnificent, we look longingly over and over again, dig out our paper map and plan a zigzag route to get to Cappadocia at some point. Let's see if we have to extend our visa while we're indulging in our dalliance.

We creep through the country and realise once again how lucky we are to be on the road without time pressure. Besides, we want more nature, more roadside eateries and less old stones, er, history. We don't quite manage that, because I discover something exciting everywhere, but we try to keep the balance.

Notice that we are so much better off with it. And we can really immerse ourselves and get into conversation with the (few) locals who speak English (our success in learning Turkish is more than modest).

#imPoolistesauchschön #Mountainlove #slowtravel 


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