14 June 2020

14 June 2020

A day full of presents. ?
Not the ones wrapped in pretty paper with bows around them. Rather the ones that you carry in your heart, that make you smile, that you still talk about days and weeks later.
A cellar is waiting to be emptied and wardrobes reduced to minimal needs. And if you like to do that in principle: congratulations! We are more of the other kind.
Only 2 hours later and some discussions about the 5th winter jacket or the "van Gogh" that moves from cellar to cellar without ever having hung on a wall, we are ready: 3 boxes to store and many boxes to donate. Yes, the picture frame will be donated, but also the 3rd, 4th and 5th winter jacket will hopefully find someone to warm in the coming winter. It feels so wonderful: even cleaning out the cellar is fun when there are two of you.

Gift number two on this day: We meet Xenia and Tinu from @xtadventures , who are just arriving back home in Bern after their 3-year motorbike trip. Get to listen to their stories. We hear tips about the necessity of cable ties, useful money hiding places on the bike, exciting tyre procurement measures at the end of the world, are irritated about "tasty" lamb meat in yurts and marvel once again at the warmth of the people in the world. We could listen to them for hours. Travelling along in our thoughts. Thank you very much, both of you, for the hours we spent together. ?
Then, as we drive home, it starts to tingle. Fiercely. Everywhere inside us we feel the anticipation of our journey. We start in 2.5 months. It feels just like it did when you were 5 years old, just before Christmas Eve. Where you almost couldn't breathe anymore because of the excitement of Father Christmas and his presents. ?
The fact that we were then gifted with this sunset over the Chasseral on the way home was then the icing on the cake of the day.
#merci #thankful #anticipation #pur of life #minimalism



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