Podcast No. 148 - A few days in France - France - Big Trip

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Actually, we are on our way to Great Britain. Luckily, we have to drive through France for a few days. In this episode, you can hear where our journey took us:

  • We didn't know about the existence of the Haut-Koenigbourg until now. So it was time to discover: a castle with a view.
  • Nancy, on the other hand, we already knew. We wanted to eat our favourite bagels there again and we desperately needed money, cash!
  • Sedan came into our trip completely unplanned. Unplanned is always the best: we stayed there for a few days.
  • We continued through the Ardennes via Monthermé and Berges, the "home town" of the Sch'tis, to Dunkerque. There, the ferry of our choice was waiting (or something like that).

Merci for "travelling with us

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