Podcast No. 150 - Witch Broom Flying Training and Fish & Chips - England - Great Journey

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The narrow roads and high hedges do not prevent us from driving further along the east coast. We visit a student town, eat and drink our first afternoon tea and surprisingly meet people we have already met elsewhere. Heike wants to take it easy and recover a bit, we join the Queen's Throne Jubilee and visit real film sets.

  • A guided tour of the wonderful city of Cambridge
  • Singing at King's College
  • Of course, food and drink is a theme again
  • A visit to the Angelsey Abbey estate and we meet someone we already know
  • A diversion to leads. Why actually?
  • In York, an Afternoon Tea fills our bellies
  • Heike must/wants to take care of her health
  • We get to join in the celebrations at the Queen's 70th Jubilee of the Throne
  • We visit the famous Alnwick Castle and Heike learns witch's broom flying

Merci for "travelling with us

Our first lectures in Switzerland are planned. Others in Germany could follow. We'll see. We would love to take you into the Persian world somewhere in western Germany and also in the Berlin area. We are still looking for venues. If you know anything, please write to us.


Lecture & Persian tea time
Camels, cultures & many contrasts
Life-pure travelling with the camper through mysterious Persia

Two dates:21.06.24 or 28.06.24; 7 pm Muri/Bern
21 or 28 June 2024 - start 7 pm, doors open at 6:45 pm RoomZoom - Thunstrasse 162 - 3074 Muri b. Bern

We are happy about 20 CHF per person. Kids are free of charge.Please register by e-mail: andrea.kormann@dakor.ch

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