Podcast No. 151 - Scotland at last! - Scotland - Great Journey

grand voyage 🏴 day 651 while we are on royal ground

What expectations of a country! We were told so much about this country. Our almost son-in-law did his Master's degree there and always raved about how beautiful it was. So... Let's go!

  • Scotland: our expectations
  • What do you think is different from England?
  • St. Abbs: First overnight stay and Heike is ailing
  • St Andrews and the first ruins, marked as a place of interest
  • Dundee with the "Verdant works" Textile Museum
  • Lin of Dee with short hike and deer sighting
  • Loch Muick: our walk around a loch with the Queen's hunting lodge
  • Barmoral Castle, the summer residence of the (now deceased) Queen

Merci for "travelling with us

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