Podcast No. 153 - A panic ferry and a cuddly seal - Scotland - Great Journey

great journey 🏴 day 654 north coast 500. a 500 mile round trip one time

We continue north along Scotland's east coast. Along the way we encounter a dangerous ferry and visit a cute seal. The most dangerous road in Scotland is also on our way. Nevertheless, we reach the Cave and visit a beautiful castle afterwards.

Places visited:

  • Cullodan Battlefield Invernesshire
  • Leakey's Bookshop
  • Cormarty-Nigg Ferry
  • WhaligoeSteps
  • Ceannabeinne Beach
  • Smoo Cave 
  • Inverewe Garden
  • Bealach na Ba: most dangerous road
  • Eilean Donan Castle

Merci for "travelling with us

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