17 September 2020

17 September 2020

Great Journey 🏍🏍 Day 15

We cycle along the Elbe, leaving Dresden on the left and enjoying the quiet pace to which we are slowly becoming accustomed.

Childhood memories come flooding back. The Elbe Sandstone Mountains give me pleasure, these Kleckerburg-like mountain formations alone feel so cosy. The Königstein Fortress slowly comes into view, and of course we have to see it.

Here we make the first mistake (and learn from it), that we go up in full gear. The lift is closed for C reasons, so we have to walk. What we learn at the top: Königstein Fortress is one of the largest mountain fortresses in Europe. At the latest now we realise that the combination of 30° C and the lack of suitable clothing (which is slumbering comfortably in the motorbike cases) is suboptimal. But now we also know that it's worth investing 5 minutes to get changed.

The fortress itself inspires us very much. I still remember going there as a child. Especially the deepest (or second deepest?) castle well in Europe, over 150 metres deep. At that time, they had tipped down some water as a demonstration and we had to wait until it reached the bottom audibly. It felt like eternity later.

So we stroll around the fortress grounds and don't really want to go any further. But at some point we go camping again, finally. Fantastic weather, beautiful countryside and a little need to catch up on sleep (too many do-gooding-to-the-night conversations with friends...) let us drive on at some point.

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