18 December 2020

18 December 2020

Great Journey 🏍 Day 105
Outbreak of the secret rebels and coming home full of gratitude

We were actually on the road for 2 days. We were so longing for nature, outdoors and mountains. And the prospect of being on the road all alone and not endangering anyone with our presence was so tempting.
We were indeed almost alone, neither did we see many cars nor people. Only mountains, partly covered with snow, and the sea in view. The two of us on a motorbike, I snuggled up close and took (some) photos on the side.

Gerd will say to me in the evening that he has never seen anything so beautiful. I don't like to compare with other beautiful areas, but yes, it was simply magical.
These rugged mountains and the turquoise sea. The thousands of bends (all of which my beloved drove wonderfully) - and after each one a new beautiful view. The small 4-house villages, here a cat lazing on the wall, there a dog sleeping on the central reservation. (And we drive carefully around him, don't want to wake him up from his nap). And again and again the scent of olive groves, followed immediately by fig trees. A feast for the senses.

And again and again the sea. And a pause here and there. Pause. It is almost impossible to take in so much beauty with your eyes. And it is even more impossible to preserve it, neither in pictures nor in any other way. Only in the heart, that's where we want to store it.
#mani #peloponnese


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