18 September 2020

18 September 2020

Great Journey 🏍🏍 Day 17

North American expanses? Nope, the Czech Republic. We drive for hours on almost deserted roads. The thermometer rises to 29° Celsius, our clothes let the wind through wonderfully and we feel a bit like we're in Tuscany. Only the many abandoned houses at the side of the road seem to be typical for the area here. We see many of them.

At lunch Gerd learns the difference between crépe and pancake. The calorie content also seems to be significantly higher for the pancake ("There's no ham in it at all!").

The idea of finally moving from cake-land Germany to healthier climes turns out to be a booze idea. There are cakes and sweets galore here. Once again, that means putting the sports mat in front of the tent and doing gymnastics. Katrin (my sports motivator and actually drill instructor) would be proud of me. But there are no pictures of it yet. I am not ready yet 🙂

1TP5Czech Republic 1TP5Palatschinken #lecker @familytravels-the-world



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