23 August 2020

23 August 2020

Travel stuff packed. (I assume it will rarely be this neat in the future...)
Flat empty.
Now one more week in the "Hotel Mama" and then it's time to go.

We didn't realise how exhausting and emotional such a farewell is. A farewell to a place that we liked so much. It made us grow, dream and turn visions into reality. As long as you're in to-do list mode, it works. When everything is done, the flat is empty and clean and all the things that will accompany us in the coming months, maybe even years, fit into a few small aluminium boxes, it suddenly becomes very sentimental inside us. Before the anticipation takes hold of us, there has to be time for farewells. Slowly, comfortably. Time to say thank you for this wonderful place. Time to let our souls move on.

And then suddenly it starts. Our journey begins. A few more days of rest with mum and then suddenly it starts to tingle. We're really doing this, aren't we? 5 years of dreaming, saving, researching and thinking back and forth. And now we are sitting on the motorbikes with only what will accompany us in the future.

Can someone pinch me?

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Beatrice Dittli
Beatrice Dittli
3 years ago

Hello together,

I came across your podcast by chance and have listened to the last few podcasts and had to do some dirty work. Especially regarding women riding motorbikes verses men;
But let me quickly introduce myself: My name is Beatrice and I have been living in Canada with my husband (2 grown-up children, daughter lives in Lucerne at the moment) for 26 years, but I and my husband were born and raised in Switzerland, in the canton of Lucerne. I have been riding a motorbike for 6 years now and I am very enthusiastic about it and I am thinking of doing something similar to what you are doing, but we still have to work on it for another three to five years.
I ride with women here in Canada (and with my husband) and we always have great days when we tour together. In March 2020 we went on a guided motorbike tour to Morocco, the group was mixed but I was the only female rider, which surprised me but didn't bother me. However, I was surprised at the mentality of the (mainly) European riders; rather ride in front of the guide than behind him or behind the more comfortable riders :):). Which brought me to the decision, when a guided tour again then pure women tour :):)
Unfortunately, we had to cut short our tour the morning before we were due to enter the Sahara Desert and drive back in one day because Corona was giving us a run for our money. Once in Marrakech we had to find flights as quickly as possible and fly back to Canada which was an adventure in itself.
But we will definitely visit Morocco again. Beautiful.
When I heard about this women's enduro course and you described it, I had to laugh and really agree with you, we just tick differently when we sit on the "toeff "verses the men, the thoughts are already the ones you described, I have to completely agree.
Very well; don't want to keep you too long.
I wish you a good start into your adventure, I will stay on your "heels or better tyres, hahah," and I am curious where you will go first.
Of course, I hope the borders don't bring you too many obstacles. And if you do come to Canada, we have space and we have our doors open.

Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down

Greetings from Canada
Beatrice Dittli