31 December 2020

31 December 2020

Great Journey 🏍 Day 121 -> 122
"Four leaves are not better than three - they are only rarer. But if we declare things to be bringers of happiness that are rare, we must not be surprised if we are rarely happy!"
When we want to, we see happiness almost everywhere. And when we don't, we often see misfortune. No matter what the external circumstances were this year, we tried to see happiness for the most part. And to share it.

We wish you all a wonderful start to the new year. And as nice as "nice" is nice for you! As always, we will probably try to stay up until 0 o'clock. But whether we'll manage that remains uncertain, as it does every year.

See you, read you, hear you, write you next year! Agreed?
#2020 #2021 #leaf #lucky shamrock #quote by @eckart_von_hirschhausen

PS: Did you know that clover leaves have such beautiful flowers? And that you can eat clover? And that it's also delicious? Well, I can only praise this over the clover!


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