Turkey - The people are simply wonderful

great journey 🏻♂️🏻 day 403 in the world travel book by @rlangestories is one way or another a

In the world travel book by @rlangestories it says (something like this): "The world may have bad people. However, I have not met them!"

We are now over 400 days on the road.

We were invited to family celebrations, given fruit and vegetables several times. We were invited to sleep, live and stay with people we had never met before. We went to doctors at the hosts' expense (we wanted to pay, but we weren't allowed to!), we were given hundreds of teas and nibbles.

Entrance fees were given to us for free, we were guests after all! We were simply allowed to work in people's kitchens and living rooms, sunbathe on their balconies and swim in pools in all countries. We walked through Greece with freewalkers and afterwards, as a matter of course, were invited to dinner.

While we waited at traffic lights, we were given sweets from other people's car windows and several times someone just walked in front to show us the way. While we were walking on the side of the road, we were given water and pieces of melon without being asked.

We have so much contact with other travellers, we have been provided countless times with tips, travel wisdom, phone numbers, links and contacts to someone who already knows then.

We were smiled at thousands of times and thanked countless times for just visiting their country.

And as I write this, I get chicken hat after chicken hat, so full of gratitude. We expected a lot. With beautiful landscapes, great weather, funny events and sometimes with gastrointestinal problems...

But we did not expect this wonderful humanity everywhere. It really left us speechless again and again. And it was not uncommon that the helmet was suddenly silent because tears were rolling with emotion and gratitude.

Thank you, you wonderful people!
And when we go out again, we look forward to seeing you again! Not for long, hopefully!

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Barbara Mauersberger
Barbara Mauersberger
2 years ago

Dear ones, I too had goosebumps without end when reading these lines.... friendly, helpful + dear people - thank you everywhere that you exist, you / we nourish hope..... Thank you dear Heike for writing these lines..... Best regards to you both from Brandenburg