Great Journey ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท Day 623

great journey day 623 we are with the schtis. in bergues we make a long break park our

We are with the ch'tis. In Bergues we take a longer break, park our Felix in the shade of the 4.5 km long city wall. Unfortunately we overlook the fact that the earth rotates (not a disc, right?) and that the shadow would also disappear, and when we come home later we find sauna-like conditions.

Bergues is a small town that quite unjustly has a bad reputation among the southern French. We wander through the alleys, admire the church tower, which is a town hall tower, and meet the gardener of the church garden of the real church.

The old man tells us about his life, he is 88 by now, his wife died two years ago, now he takes care of the garden alone. He hopes it is in her spirit. He had been a farmer, then a hotelier, at some point something we don't understand, and then he needed a job. The garden came at just the right time, after all, gardening is psychologically very beneficial. We noticed that we could also talk to people and stayed longer than expected in his garden.

At some point we stroll on, the city wall beckoning us and the many waterways full of duckweed and accompanying ducks.

At some point we think about what to do now. Stay? Move on? Take the ferry rather from Calais or from Dunkerque? We decide on a large portion of rice pudding with apple sauce and cinnamon-sugar. That will have to be enough decisions for today.

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