Great Journey Day 633

big trip day 633 we stay a few days in cambridge. during the day we work in the evenings bum

We stay in Cambridge for a few days. During the day we work, in the evenings we stroll through the city. Realise that it's a good idea to be here during the week.

Unfortunately, all the colleges are closed to visitors, so we are lucky to catch a few glimpses over the fences, through the gates or past the gatekeeper.

We stroll through the city, let ourselves drift, go out to eat and observe the people here. We are fascinated by the diversity here, actually everywhere on our journey through England so far.

We can't detect any mainstream fashion taste, we look into so many individual faces and we find many small shops, one more individual than the other. (Okay, we also avoid malls, maybe the reason!).

At the end of the day, we do recognise a mainstream: the love of manicured lawns mown down to unnaturalness and lawn edges cut with nail scissors. Nevertheless: the many perennials, the rose-covered rustic house walls and huge free-standing trees in the parks everywhere reconcile us with the English lawn.



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Barbara Mauersberger
Barbara Mauersberger
9 months ago

Just simply wonderful- beautiful + dearest thanks for sharing/taking away ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿ™