England - Lazing around and a mini-visit to Hurst-Castle

Grand Tour - England - Day 760

What does salt water actually do to our wheels? 

Since we don't know this and don't want to wake up our little adventures today, we don't stand on the flooded road like a few other campers, but a little higher up on the side of the road in Milford on Sea. 

The tide is coming in and a number of vans are standing in the water. Looks cool, but we feel much better on our dry dock.

We sleep in. Long. We have a leisurely breakfast. Read, walk along the coast, nap and think about what we might have for dinner. 

On the second day, something like peace of mind sets in. All the pictures of the past days are sorted, our memories noted and the map of southern England to Cornwall is spread out in front of us. 

Where do we want to go? Which destinations are worth hiking to? After so many weeks in the British Isles, we filter our wish point needles especially. 

In the afternoon, before continuing our journey, we visit the nearby Hurst Castle, marvel at the many corridors inside the fort (and get lost in them) and the view from the roofs. And we realise once again that the war and weapons thing is so not ours. So we enjoy the lighthouse, the view of the chalk cliffs and, above all, the nearby beach café with the best cappuccino.

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Merci for "travelling with us

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Rachel Hirt
Rachel Hirt
1 year ago

You look pretty, Heike. 👍🥰
Yes, the war...😔
Not mine either.
Just stupid old men who come up with such cruel things. 😢

The best way to distract yourself is with something nice, reading your reports and looking at the beautiful photos. 👍🥰

Kind regards from Racheli