England - Durdle Door, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Grand Tour - England - Day 762

The alarm clock rings shortly before 6 a.m. We are ready at half past six. Coffee in a hurry, hiking boots on our feet, camera battery fully charged and hiking backpack casually dangling over our shoulder. 

The trail drags on, the sun slips higher and higher and at some point even warms us. Then, destination reached, we stand on the coast, high above Durdle Door.

Durdle Door, we read, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also the location for various films and music videos. And now here we are, completing the list of hip visitors.

Now we look at it, the Jurassic chalk coast with its hole in the middle of the rock. It already looks very pretty, the hike was absolutely worth it. 

On the way back we take a detour into the small town, in the meantime we are met by several visitors. We go downhill with trembling knees, they are still puffing their way uphill. We are so glad to have the steep uphill part behind us!

In the small town we enjoy a cosy cappuccino on the terrace in summery temperatures and find that we have already done quite a lot for the day by now, at around 10.30 am.

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1 year ago

Waking up and greeting the day and nature on foot - a dream! Precious moments.