England - Dartmoor National Park

Grand Tour - England - Day 765

After a few days and one last tranquil coffee on Exmouth beach, we move on.

The Dartmoor National Park The streets are even narrower than usual in England. My goodness, how narrow is this supposed to get? Has anyone ever thought about the nerves of a delicate female passenger who sits "on the wrong side", i.e. always in oncoming traffic?

But the national park also captivates with its beauty, its enchanted forests and mossy stones along curling rivers.

We stop for a leisurely breakfast and just wander around. At the ancient, enchanted bridge we find a mobile phone. (This seems to be the theme of our journey: Finding smartphones and, in detective fashion, tracking down their owners).

The mobile phone itself, of course, has no emergency contacts stored. We only find a small hairdresser's appointment card and a National Trust membership card. And a first name. 

So we walk off first, the plan being to drop the phone off at the hairdresser's later. Nevertheless, we ask every woman we meet while walking for her name and indeed we meet her at some point. "Does she miss her smartphone?" we want to know.

She beams at us and thanks us a thousand times. Smiles and says the most important thing is the photos of her grandchildren on it. Understandable. Her husband shakes his head a little and says that her son has already told her several times to make a backup of all the photos.

We, who bake everything five times (we are the travelling nerds!) understand the son and his recommendation, but smile mildly and stroll along the little river. Because we are certainly not here in the national park to give digital safety tips.

In the course of the day we look for a nice spot for the night. And while we were not allowed to stand anywhere in the "New Forest", it is clearly different here: everywhere are small cosy corners with overnight possibilities. 

In the afternoon we get a visit from sheep, in the evening from horses and cows. We cook ourselves something nice, record another episode of our travel podcast (attention, very delayed, as we had a break of almost a whole year!) and when the last car passes by around 6 or 7, we stand in total solitude and absolute silence.

These are the moments that make us feel so happy. In the middle of nature, in the middle of the big world that makes us seem so mini even under the starry sky. Full of gratitude and happiness and also full of dark chocolate, we fall asleep.

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Merci for "travelling with us

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