England - Wistman's Wood

Grand Tour - England - Day 766

We wake up in the most romantic misty mountains, wake up very slowly and want to preserve the moment in our hearts forever and ever. But how can you preserve so many magical moments in yourself?

Our hearts are full of gratitude, our bellies full of bliss (and chips (Gerd) and chocolate (Heike), yes, it's fair to say).

The horses around us just stand there. We do not disturb them. We walk for an hour to take in more of this beautiful place.

Then at some point, after a late breakfast, Felix rolls quietly through the national park, stopping briefly in Postbridge and a little later near Wistman's Wood.

Gerd is not so enthusiastic at first about my new hiking idea, but he shoulders the camera and off we go. 

Wistman's Wood is one of the tallest oak woods in the UK and has even been selected as a Site of Special Scientific Interest as an outstanding example of a native upland oak wood. Well, I'll be damned.

I'm more of the opinion that elves, fairies, gnomes and magical creatures cavort there. My imagination can't stop and I imagine what it's like here when we humans aren't around. 

The sun alternates with a few raindrops and we feel a little enchanted. Gerd a little less than me, after all he doesn't have the sense for elf beings either (me being elf-like for a change).

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Grand Tour - England - Day 766
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News #1
On 24 June we will give a talk about our trip in the van in Konolfingen, Bern, Switzerland. All info and the possibility to Registration here. We look forward to seeing you!

News #2
I am currently writing a book about the encounters on our journey. If you would like to test-read a chapter or two this summer, please contact me by email.

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Claudia "Carlchen Maria
Claudia "Carlchen Maria
7 months ago

Now you have finally convinced me - when we go to Ireland for 2 months next year, we will definitely go back via the south of England! Your photos make me long for the trip.
Kind regards Claudia

Rachel Hirt
Rachel Hirt
7 months ago

Dear Heike, dear Gerd.

Beautiful pictures again. 🥰❤️
Heike, you little elf.
You have to understand, men don't have the vibes for wood elves, gnomes, pixies and the like. 😂

Oh yes, the cowhide looks very good on you 😉😁

Good evening to you both.

Kind regards from Racheli

Rachel Hirt
Rachel Hirt
7 months ago
Reply to  Heike Burch

Best man ever! 👍
If he learns elvish especially for you, that is highly valued. ❤️
I would say : He just loves you! 😁

Kind regards from the Bayernhex' 😇