England - Working Days in Falmouth

Grand Tour - England - Day 768

In Falmouth we stand at the pier, watch the tide go out, as well as the surfers, and wonder. German- and French-speaking people constantly walk past our Felix. They blink into our open office-at-the-sea and speak to us. 

Where from, where to and so on, the usual.

At some point my curiosity gets the better of me and I ask a couple where all these people are suddenly coming from. After all, for a few weeks now it has somehow been our beloved low season. 

The couple provides information: The Aida is making a stop in Falmouth, all the cruise passengers are on shore leave. Oh, I see. Equipped with plastic-packed lunches, they stroll along the coast and through the little town. They tell us about the many stops on the 14-day journey, and the pace of their stories makes us dizzy. Do we need two to three weeks for the small Cornwall alone? 

In the evening, we hear a loud hooting and she, the beautifully made-up and red-lipped Aida, swims off again. Into the sunset.

We stay a few more days, stroll through the small harbour town, finally find an unpacked and an organic food shop. We stock up on things that are a bit harder to buy in England and wonder if the Marine Museum would be something for us.

We take a quick look at each other, decide that an espresso on the pier is a better alternative, enjoy the autumn sun and look forward to tomorrow morning. Because then we will continue towards Cornwall's west. 

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Merci for "travelling with us

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Olaf Springorum
Olaf Springorum
1 year ago

Hello dear ones.

I can understand you well.
Such a cruise would not be our way of getting to know the country and its people either.

Great photos!

See you later. ☀Love greetings, Olaf