England - King Arthur's Tintagel Castle

Grand Tour - England - Day 774

The last week in England starts with "very British" weather. It drizzles away and we abandon our plan to see King Arthur's Tintagel Castle to visit. 

So instead of hiking the hundredth castle ruin, we listen to a children's book-like podcast to recall the story of the 12 Knights of the Round Table and walk along the shore for a bit, snapping the sea and the rocks for the 1000th time.

(Here's our tidbit of knowledge if anyone fancies having a listen: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4z9QWZWZI1seChRuTUO3dH?si=e3803795800a4dd8)

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And we are now really saying goodbye to the west coast. We know that there are still quite a few kilometres ahead of us (in numbers: 340!) and that this incredible distance usually means one to two weeks. We get into a kind of mental rush. 

So we visit a small village by the sea one last time and Felix rolls onto the passenger-friendly dual carriageway afterwards, Gerd shows Felix that he can go fast too (Felix? Gerd?) and we are suddenly, quite surprisingly back in Exmouth. 

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Grand Tour - England - Day 774

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We know our way around here, we were here a few weeks ago. Here we are at "our" old spot on the beach and here we are once again watching the surfers, the beach joggers (without that rubbing off on us!) and the metal detectors on the beach. So just another afternoon in Exmouth.

We're chilling (do they even say that anymore?) and getting ready for our last work Mondays and Tuesdays. 

And we say goodbye a little bit every day now. Plan the last kilometres, re-book the ferry and think about where we could enjoy our last afternoon tea and eat fish & chips.

Has it really been five months already? 

It's crazy how time flies...

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Merci for "travelling with us

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