Thank you England, thank you Scotland. Thank you Wales. And of course, thank you Ireland. 

Grand Tour - England - Day 778

Our ferry is waiting in Newhaven in the morning. It will be a 4-hour trip across the English Channel to Dieppe. And the best thing is: the storm has subsided, the sun is shining and the sea is as smooth as glass.

Phew, lucky again.

We are now car-ferry professionals. We pack our things, shoulder our small backpacks and make ourselves comfortable in the on-board bistro. For the last time, our gaze glides over the limestone coast of southern England. Our last pound coins go over the counter for really bad coffee and delicious, fresh French croissants.

The on-board staff speak French, so we also say goodbye to English, which has suited us really well for the last 5 months, and I realise somewhat sadly that now the time begins again when Gerd has to translate for me. And I remain silent. At best I smile.

Thank you England, thank you Scotland. Thank you Wales. And of course, thank you Ireland. 

What a lot we have experienced!

  • We have met wonderful people
  • We witnessed the Jubilee of the Throne and yes, also the Queen's funeral in the country
  • We have had the best pitches with the most beautiful views, the greatest sheep, the best sunrises and sunsets and the best neighbours imaginable
  • We did not look at all 800 castles, but still a huge amount
  • Wandering through botanical and other gardens
  • Have listened to the music in pubs and the chants in countless churches. 
  • Drank exactly one Guinness together and learned our lessons from it
  • We wanted to get to know the country and the people and, on top of that, we learned so much more about ourselves
  • Once again we realised how beautiful our earth is, how many beautiful places there are.
  • Our love of nature grew ever greater, cities are less and less our
  • We are more in love than ever with our Felix and our way of travelling (living?)
  • We laughed, smiled, cursed and discussed a lot with the English, Scots, Irish and Welsh.
  • We went looking for people who voted for Brexit to ask them if they are currently happy and didn't find a single one
  • And we have - because we had almost no expectations and ideas about the British Isles - experienced so many beautiful things and were (almost) never disappointed 
  • We now know what it means to experience 6 weeks of Scotland in a van and in the rain
  • But we now also know what heat waves in Ireland feel like: Sun, wind, 20° Celsius

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. And the longer we think about it, the more items it would include.

We are just grateful for the decision to have spent the summer months "up here".

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Merci for "travelling with us

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