France - A day in Provins

Grand Tour - France - Day 780

We stay overnight in Provins, a small town somewhere on our fast route towards Switzerland. On a small contemplative car park we find peace and good Internet (I have a Conferencewhich I moderate online with two colleagues).

The day in Versailles and the conference stirred me up. While Gerd slumbers, I let Gigi (who is now TripTastic ), our place-reading app again. And lo and behold: absolutely unplanned, we find ourselves in an enchanting UNESCO World Heritage town with pretty little streets and a cosy market square.

So in the morning, before we roll on, we set out to see the little town in question. These French alleys, historic buildings and the open street cafés make our hearts beat faster. 

When a few kittens cross our path and let Gerd spoil them, we are completely enchanted. Gerd immediately wants to stay here forever and it is only with the prospect of meeting many of these enchanting furry creatures further south, perhaps later in the year in Greece, that I manage to lure him away from the marketplace or cat square.

At some point, we continue driving through France. The sat nav doesn't want any motorways, so we pass these many uniquely beautiful French villages. In the mountains of the National Park Forêts, the forests glow in autumnal bright colours, the roads are nice and wide, Gerd drives on the right side of the road again and we can enjoy the view thanks to the non-existent hedges.

We spend the evening slumbering under a full moon on a church-parish car park. What seemed romantic on arrival turned out to be less so at 6 a.m. when the first church bell rang next door. But what the hell, we wanted to start early anyway!

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Merci for "travelling with us

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Rachel Hirt
Rachel Hirt
1 year ago

Yes, France and the small towns in the mountains....🥰
And finally another Mietz for Gerd! 😉