Grand Tour - Ireland - Day 730

Grand Tour - Ireland - Day 731 ff.

We did it: we booked a ferry, back to England. And so we have an appointment. 

The luxury of our trip is, by and large, the freedom of schedule. At least that's how we feel. 

It is always exciting to observe what appointments do to us. OK, we'll exclude the working days. But when we have a return date, we focus much more on the way there than on the present moment.

OK, learned something again.

We spend some time in Keel. This is a rather famous surf spot on Achill Island. Achill Island particularly appealed to us, we heard a lot about it when Heinrich Böll shared his "Ireland trip" with us. 

We are standing on the beach, in the dunes or something in between. We are accompanied by a beautiful setting sun, several sheep and the loud crashing of the waves into the night. 

In the morning, I find time for a few yoga contortions (unfortunately, my body is not good for more) and we start the day very, very comfortably. 

While I'm sitting on my mat with my coffee cup, chatting with Gerd (who is fiddling around in the van), a cyclist stops. "Me-time is so important!" he calls out to me. Oh yes, it is obvious that I am enjoying the moment very much.

When I offer him a coffee, he tells me that he has been going through coffee withdrawal for some time. That might be a hard thing to do. I'm not sure I want to enter into the discussion. So, with the coffee in my hand. 

But we get from sticks to sticks and at some point he tells us that he - like many Irish people, by the way - was addicted to alcohol when he was young. For many years he could not get rid of alcohol. Only when his daughter was grown up did she ask him to face up to the addiction. And, I will never forget the joy on his face, he did it and has now been sober for over 12 years. 

We congratulate him on this step and yes, we have tears in our eyes. We are touched by his openness and at the same time by so much vulnerability. When we tell him that we are not at all into alcohol, he nods, smiles and says: "Stick to it too, because no glass of wine or beer is worth destroying so many families."

Beams at us, wishes us a great journey ahead and rolls away.

Wow. So much depth in the morning. My coffee has gone cold in the meantime. I try a few more bends on the mat and slowly, but really slowly, we pack up and set off on our journey across Achill Island. 

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Merci for "travelling with us

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Rachel Hirt
Rachel Hirt
1 year ago

Beautiful experience. 🥰
Even though I still like wine. 😁