Wales - SUPpen on a mountain lake

Grand Tour - Wales - Day 748

The best days at work are the ones when we can have breakfast in front of Felix in the sunshine and spend our lunch break outside. On which we can get out the paddle board in the evening and paddle quietly across the lake. And where the nights are quiet, the internet is stable and we can just be.

So we arrive at a beautiful lake, manoeuvre our Felix back and forth once or twice and, as the sun is smiling again after a grumpy thunderstorm shower, I dig out our inflatable paddle board. 

And start doing what I always have to do: I pump. By hand, of course, what else? So the first sport unit, the duty so to speak, is to inflate the board. I'd like to say that the paddling is then the free skating, but when I look at the pictures later, I see a discrepancy between free skating and self-perception. Well, no master has fallen off the board yet.

So while I'm pumping, a lady comes up to me, looks at me pityingly and asks with a wink if I'm serious. Pumping by hand is really no longer in keeping with the times. She smiles, turns around and comes back with an electric pump.

Another woman then helps me plug the new-modern devil stuff onto my board and after a few minutes of deafening noise, my board is hard as nails at 15 psi (whatever that is) and I can go paddling.

After a long round on the sunny lake, I come back and Gerd and I, independently of each other, have decided to google for such a pump. That was much easier! We laugh and are curious to see what the future will bring.

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Merci for "travelling with us

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24 - 28 October 2024 Two lectures at the Suisse Caravan Salon


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