Wales - Dyffrin Castle Gardens

Grand Tour - Wales - Day 758

For a few days now, the British flags have been at half-mast. The Queen is mourned. We pop in to BBC every now and then, here they broadcast live for days as the Queen's coffin from Scotland (all the aerial shots remind us of the visits to Balmoral and Edinburgh) then travels around the country.

The international media reports of a frozen, grieving British people and friends and team colleagues ask us what we are doing at the moment, as the whole of Great Britain would be at a standstill.

We are once again sadly watching what media can create. 

Nothing stands still here. One or two marathons have been cancelled. On the day of the funeral, cafés, restaurants and all public museums and castles are closed in the morning and in some places all day. We only see that the people are visibly mourning in the BBC recordings. In conversations with the people, we notice a certain sadness, but there is no sense of shock.

So we drive calmly to DyffrinWe'll see if there's anything we can look at. The gardens of Dyffrin describe themselves as "from forlorn to fabulous". And they are all that.

We take a leisurely stroll through the Castle gardensEnjoy the dreaminess of the expansive landscape. Marvel at the kitchen garden and the large greenhouse with huge cacti that want to reach for the sky. 

When we learn in the café that for hygienic reasons they only use paper cups for the cappuccino (we just don't get it!), we turn back a little disappointed and make ourselves a coffee in Felix. What a pity, otherwise I always have two of our porcelain cups in my backpack against such pollution uselessness.

But let's move on, today we still have Cardiff on our ideas board. 

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Grand Tour - Wales - Day 758

News #1
On 24 June we will give a talk about our trip in the van in Konolfingen, Bern, Switzerland. All info and the possibility to Registration here. We look forward to seeing you!

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I am currently writing a book about the encounters on our journey. If you would like to test-read a chapter or two this summer, please contact me by email.

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