Websites and blogs that inspire and also help us

Websites and blogs that inspire and also help us

Travel friends & travel acquaintances

We note here chronological our own acquaintances.

Xenia & Tinu spent 3 years on the road with two motorbikes, from Switzerland to Australia, then on up from South Africa to almost all the way home.

Barbara and Robert, on the road on two motorbikes since 2018.

Daniela and Wolfgang, on the road on two motorbikes since 2019.

Heiner Zimmer has been cycling around the world for 6 years.

Toni Müller goes on a cycling tour across Europe.

Steffen and Mia travel in a Ford Ranger with a roof tent and prefer to go off-road.

Travellers whose posts we enjoy reading, who have gone before us (or not yet) or who simply have wonderful information on their pages

Jan and Silke travel the world on motorbikes, then again in a van and suddenly in an old VW Passat. And tell and inform:

TimetoRide is an informative motorbike travel blog by Bea and Helmut. They have been on a world tour for years, enriching the travel world with tests, information and beautiful photos.

Nicki and Moe have been hiking and riding their motorbikes through South and Central America for what feels like an eternity.

Simon and Panny motivated us with their books, especially at the beginning of our planning. Panny answered hundreds of questions in several forums.

Thomas Koch is a traveller. And writes simply divinely! His formulations are balm for a reading soul. The observant view, the grandiose formulations and the wonderful (self-)irony make every blog post a pleasure. Tips: Subscribe to the newsletter and never miss a post!

Nico and Jenni's goal with their motorbike tours is to raise donations per kilometre ridden to support the Children's Hospital Amsterdamer Strasse in Cologne in their research against childhood cancer.

Marco travels a lot, he has even made it to Japan. By motorbike. In addition to travel stories, we find helpful and technical information there. He also rides a GS.

Travel tips in general

Funny, interesting and even obscure things from all over the world

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All inspirations:

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I can think of two more pages with travel reports:

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