Greece - Farewell to Koroni

Greece - Farewell to Koroni

Saying goodbye to Koroni is difficult this time. Harder than usual. And it actually begins with our arrival. Four weeks. Only three more weeks. Only three more weeks. Two more Sunday markets. Now only one more week.

We would love to extend our time here, go into town every day, meet people, enjoy the sun on the terrace and above all: do a lot of nothing.

Almost every morning I write a little piece for our book. Will this book ever see the light of day in the publishing world? Who knows? I have enough writing crises. But I read that almost everyone who writes has one at some point. Is what I write even enough for a book?

Gerd watches a lot of ominous videos while I sit in the sun and bang away at the keys. Comes running out sadly in between: "They didn't start today!" Or cheerfully, "Now they've taken off!" In another life, he would have liked to be an aerospace engineer. Or an astronaut. And if not, then a mixture of Indiana Jones and Erich von Däniken.
I offer him our angel and tarot cards. And he says: "You know the difference between astronomy and astrology, don't you?

So, while briefly emerging from my own stories from Georgia, Turkey, Tunisia and Scotland, I learn about the undiscovered secrets of this world. Gerd now knows all about the formation of the pyramids, about special plants in the Amazon and about aliens who landed on Earth in the 70s, so much so that he wants to share his knowledge with me. Yay! I learn so many exciting things about secret physicists and their research, about exciting space systems and astrophysics.

And I briefly think about my book project. We drive along the roads in the camper and meet people here and there. Oh yes, that's great!

Nevertheless: I keep writing, dreaming myself into the past. And reflect on what we have learned from all the great encounters on our journey.

I make myself another pot of coffee "pot only outside!", let my gaze wander over the beach and the sea, stroke Mohrle and know: only two or three more days. Then it's off again. The ferry is booked. This time home is calling. A round birthday, a celebration and a reunion with our children, with the whole family and so many friends.

And, yes, that too: a break from travelling. We will be in Switzerland for two, three, maybe four months. Gerd has to-want to-work a little more for a short time. He is needed on the ground for this short time. I will see how the book is going, prepare our first travel lecture and start the training as a common good advisor in September. Because this trip has already shown one thing so far: something meaningful should come again in my life.

So we'll take it a bit easier here, just write something now and then, because we won't experience much in foreign countries. Of course, we will be on the road, meet people, hopefully have a lot of fun and live in our Felix all the time. And yet: maybe we will report a little less regularly for a few weeks or months.

You will remain loyal to us when we leave again in (late) summer, won't you?

PS: We still have our eyes on Koroni, we have already looked for houses again. So far we haven't found anything, but who knows? At some point there might be something like a home base there. It's a good thing our mamas aren't reading this. We think they still think we'll come home one day.

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Merci for "travelling with us

These weeks we are travelling through Iran. It's possible that we won't be writing posts or that they will be delayed. We first have to see whether we have enough internet or reception and whether it is suitable for us to publish from the country. And whether we will even manage to write down all the fantastic impressions in time.

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10 months ago

Dear ones, I wish you a good homecoming!
But of course, I'll keep an eye on you! You are always on my home screen! Reading your interesting travel stories and thoughts has almost become a daily ritual. Thanks for that!

Internet greetings from Merseburg from

10 months ago

Is that lemon-like thing bergamot?

10 months ago

Well then... here's to reading again! From now on I'll be a subscriber to your reports. So that I don't miss the start in autumn.
The travel reports come to a - provisional - conclusion in Koroni. We also enjoyed our stay there and will certainly return there one day. And by the way, my leather sandals come from this pleasant place! Now I wish you an enjoyable trip to Switzerland, happy sewing on of buttons and happy landing in life "on the spot". regul@ at the moment on the island of Elba

Sabine End
Sabine End
10 months ago

Have a good trip, lots of joy with family and friends, lots of anticipation for the next trip and new adventures. Also joy for work and old familiar things. We will take care not to miss your departure in autumn.
Thank you first of all for the addictive stories and good progress for the travel storybook.
Best wishes from Italy, also soon back in Germany
Sabine and Jens
One more question: are your interesting sustainability contributions (14-day) still available?