Greece - Off to the North!

First of all Thank you for all the lovely messages regarding our travel break. We will write an article every now and then, when there is something happening here in terms of travel. This will also be in the newsletter, but not quite every day, we think.

The move from "our" Koroni house to our Felix was easy: Finally knowing again that we can do the house cleaning in 30 minutes, finally much more closeness again. Our things are quickly stowed away, everything has exactly its place.

Saying goodbye to Mohrle and Koroni is much harder for us. Mohrle herself must have sensed that we were leaving and sat down directly on our packed things. "Don't forget me," she must have said.

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To say goodbye, we went down to the harbour once more, had a last zMรถrgelen in our favourite pub and then we were off, once from south to north through Greece. We have about 700 kilometres ahead of us, and it will take us two days.

We fill our Felix with the best feta, which is now rocking in a huge bowl in brine in our fridge. Kilos of fresh oranges, a bag of kumquats and a few jars of Peloponnese honey are also on board. Somehow we try to take a piece of Greece with us with the food.

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Arriving in Patras, we take the ferry instead of a bridge. We read that the view from the boat is much more beautiful. The filigree bridge shines in the most beautiful sunshine, and the ferry ride only takes 15 minutes. So we can admire the bridge much better than from the boat. And, what is interesting, the crossing only costs half.

It is with a heavy heart that we now leave the Peloponnese, the Greek peninsula that has become so dear to us and that feels a bit like home.

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We look for a windless spot for the night and realise that we have taken one of Heiner's two house keys with us. We wonder if this could be a sign. Man, this is stupid. Eventually we reach him and agree to send him the key by post. He trusts the post office, we not so much, see here:

Heiner later writes us: "I'll send you the house-sitting contract for the next five years if Mohrle agrees." Oh Heiner, how happy we are to come back. And we assume that Mohrle agrees. After all, we are the best cat pamperers in the world and have cats wrapped around our fingers (paws?).

In the morning I take my first ever beach shower, yikes, cold and windy. But our water in the van is old, unused for 4 weeks and we actually want to renew it. Only we don't know where yet.

After a refreshing shower and a cosy cup of coffee, we are off: the last stage is waiting for us. We drive through the mountainous and fantastically beautiful north of Greece. We know: We have to go here again, then with much more time!

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