Greece - Stopover at the Botanical Garden Zelios Gi

Greece - Stopover at the Botanical Garden Zelios Gi

The north is calling, we have to catch the ferry in Igoumentitsa. Instead, Gerd drives off the motorway and we drive into the mountains, directly into a beautiful botanical garden.

Link to the garden:

Here we experience nature and above all Greek youth: 3 coaches full of children and young people populate the terrace. And again we realise: watching children and young people "being" is a real pleasure. They play Uno with all their senses and so loudly that even those at the last table can hear who is outsmarting whom!

We have the coffee filled into the cups we brought with us, the boss admires our persistence. And is pleased! We get an introduction to the garden and to the local art of baking bread (don't ask for the context - we didn't quite understand it ourselves!).

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The Zelios Botanical Garden Γη was transformed by Vassilios into a beautiful botanical garden with many special features within ten years. The garden includes about 3,500 plant species in 6 thematic gardens, including aromatic, medicinal and spicy herbs, as well as common and rare species of Greek flora. The plants have signs and QR codes for more information.

The garden covers an area of more than 10 hectares and is surrounded by the mountainous region of "Aidoni", named after the bird that inhabits this area, the nightingale.

Gerd has to pet the cats again. "One of them is pregnant! Do you want a baby?" we are asked. "Oh yes, so much!", we just think quietly. Who knows if he's serious. And a cat would be nice too. How we would love to take a little cuddly kitten with us. But the cat would have to pay the price: While we stroll through museums, gardens or excavation sites, she would then have to wait for us in 10 square metres. I don't think most cats would like that.

Even though the garden and the cats invite us to linger: at some point we have to move on, the ferry will hardly wait for us.

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Merci for "travelling with us

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9 months ago

Beautiful garden! 🥰