England - Stonehenge

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We looked at stone circles in Scotland. In Ireland, too. And this Stonehenge, does it really have to be? We are not so sure. Many people tell us that it is far too crowded and that the expensive entrance fee is not worth it.

We don't care about the entrance fee, Stonehenge is a National Trust site and our annual membership would let us park and enter for free. 

First of all, there are more important things: we need a pitch. And England - unlike Scotland, Ireland and Wales - is a bit stricter and more campsite-heavy. While Gerd manoeuvres Felix through the country, I search the apps for a suitable site. And lo and behold, not far from Stonehenge there is a small lane where you can park and also spend the night. OK, it's a bit bumpy and maybe we're not alone there, but we'll give it a try.

And the whole thing is a mega hit. We are indeed standing directly, separated only by a small fence, next to the famous stone circle, which, while the sun could not have set more kitschily, shows itself to us in all its glory. We wander around the stones in the last of the sunshine, wonder if the guards will stay here all night, and hunker down in our Felix as darkness falls. 

We are standing in probably the most magical place imaginable. Or in other words, as we had imagined it before our trip to the British Isles. Because since we've been here, we've had no shortage of magical places to stay.

And to cut a long story short: it rained heavily during the night, the morning was thick with fog and rain, visibility was almost non-existent and we didn't feel like taking the official visitors' entrance as well. That's how it can go. Happy about the magical evening of a dream day, we simply move on after a hearty breakfast. 

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Merci for "travelling with us

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Rachel Hirt
Rachel Hirt
1 year ago

Whow! Beautiful photos! 🥰
Have a good journey. 👍