England - Jurassic Coast, Old Harry's Rocks & Dream Coast

Grand Tour - England - Day 761

Where are the Fats? Give it to me, I'm jumping in full throttle!

We hike along the beautiful cliff and visit a place that is "Old Harry's Rocks" means. Here we learn, firstly, that this coast is called "Jurassic Coast calls. Aha. We also learn that if you made the effort, you could find fossils here. I wonder if there would also be dinosaur foot-taps here. 

When we start talking to an English couple, I ask them why they named this coast after the film. The man looks at me, pauses and says, well, the coast was created in the Jurassic era and the film also plays with elements from that era.

Aha. That sits. 

I never thought about the fact that Jurassic comes from Jurassic, so it was a bit longer ago, 200-145 million years ago. In my bumbling English and with a big smile, I try to straighten it out somehow. Whether I succeed or not, I don't know. The conversation doesn't really want to get going.

I try to make the best of it: I have learned something again.

But what remains are the memories of this dream coast. And the best thing about it is that we will be driving along this very coast for the next few days. What a joy.

For the evening we come to Lilworth Cove. A fancy Instagram spot. In our eyes absolutely overcrowded, the restaurants close already in the afternoon and we would only get cardboard or plastic to-go cups on overcrowded park benches.

So we make ourselves comfortable near a beautiful hiking trail, because tomorrow morning, Gerd doesn't know yet, we get up very early to do a coastal hike. Without coaches full of visitors, just the two of us, all alone.

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Merci for "travelling with us

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