England - Land's End

Grand Tour - England - Day 771/2

A normal day on the road can be quite something. Today's was even more so.

We stand in Land's End and walk through the completely abandoned "adventure village", arriving at the cliffs.

Here, where the gaze wanders over to America, where longing waits, where wanderlust tickles within us, here we once again see this cliff landscape, so fantastic for the British Isles.

We are nearing the end of our 5-month British Iceland tour. We can't go any further here. A bit more Cornwall, then the ferry across to France, which has already been booked for a few days. 

Are we getting nostalgic? No, not really. We realise: We have now seen it. Enjoyed it many times, smiled at the British people from time to time and really got to know a lot. 

In Land's End we realise once again why we travel: because we simply like to look at the world, preferring nature to man-made things. And a little bit we start to make winter plans. South? More west? Or north again? Or east again?

In the process of elimination, the east and north are eliminated. We want sun, lots of sun. Finally flip-flop warmth and maybe even holidays for once. Yes, yes, just laugh. But travelling is also work. Processing impressions is exhausting. So now, after a stop at home, we'll probably go on holiday. 

But can we do it? And above all: where?

We'll see, because plans are not really our thing...

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Merci for "travelling with us

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Rachel Hirt
Rachel Hirt
1 year ago

Good morning you two travellers .

Yes, where ?
Spain ? Portugal ?
Is there any way to get Felix to America? Of course, that would be amazing.

Africa ?
Beautiful and certainly an experience.
I would be afraid for you. 😳

Not an easy decision in these times.

Maybe you'll just stay south of home and close to your family this winter?

Have fun thinking and tinkering 😉

Warm greetings from the witch's house
S' Racheli 😉

Olaf Springorum
Olaf Springorum
1 year ago

Hello dear ones,

thank you for the next impressions from you.
The tiger sow is really great!

Enjoy yourselves,
no matter where you are going!

See you later. ☀Love greetings, Olaf,