Wales - Short visit to Cardiff

Grand Tour - Wales - Day 758/2

Cardiff, the capital of Wales, welcomes us with lots of police. Tomorrow, King Charles III comes here to pay his respects to his Welsh people. 

But since we are neither his people nor really fans (if one of the princes came, yes, that would be something else!), we make do with all the barriers that let us take a little involuntary city tour. 

But no matter, the sun is shining, hunger is smiling and we stroll through the really pretty city. As my beloved is the world's biggest fan of promenades, he particularly likes the Mermaid Promenade. 

Unfortunately, many of the buildings worth seeing are closed today and tomorrow, the king, man. Cardiff Castle: nope. Pierhead Building? Closed. The Senedd, the parliament building designed by Richard Rogers with very impressive architecture: can only be admired from the outside.

Well then, Cardiff, here's to next time. We jet once more through the winding streets full of barriers and diversions and we're already out. Out of Cardiff. And a little later, out of Wales. 

Unplanned and once again good that we didn't have any plans, didn't book a pitch and are flexible in accepting circumstances and also simply in terms of travelling.

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