Italy - City stroll with new travel friends in Palermo

Italy - City stroll with new travel friends in Palermo

Of course we know that Palermo is a historically valuable, architecturally beautiful and artistically exciting city.

And us? We met up with two crazy (sorry!) long-term travellers from New Zealand for a city stroll. Enjoyed the time with them. Listened to their stories. They are travelling with a - wait, I have to check - Mercedes 220S pontoon, built in 1957, with trailer and tent. From New Zealand, mind you.

Look at these crazy people: or here, a little more up-to-date: And besides: wonderful, lovable, funny and kind-hearted people.

Actually, Elisabeth and Fred wanted to show us the city. But we were more in the mood for market hustle and bustle, breaks with espresso and hot, they insisted, cappuccino. Lunch break in the big square with street music and typical Italian street café flair.

Sometime in the afternoon we strolled on alone, actually met the head of my future training - she was also in Palermo - and here too we fell into wonderful conversations over the best espresso.

At some point our brains and hearts were full: nothing was going in. We sat down in the bus, which took almost an hour to bring us to our Felix. We enjoyed the peace and quiet, the last few metres on foot and the sound of the sea at sunset. Palermo, you must present yourself to us again another day!

Dead tired and overjoyed, we fell into our bunks, still not knowing if and if so, where we should go tomorrow!

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Merci for "travelling with us

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