Italy - Palermo's traffic, lots of dirty laundry and a shabby campsite

Italy - Palermo's traffic, lots of dirty laundry and a shabby campsite

We leave the ferry in bright sunshine and high spirits. In front of us, vans, motorbikes and camper vans are checked intensively. And us? We are asked if we are bringing yoghurt. "Uh, no, we don't." "Okay, then: Benvenuti in Italia!"

We roll out of the harbour entrance, straight into Palermo's notorious road traffic. Two lanes become three or more, right of way is more of a recommendation than a must and the streets are much busier and populated by much more hectic people. Smiling people at the roadside? Non c'รจ niente.

Okay, benvenuti in Italia. After three months of Tunisian serenity, here is the dance on the volcano, the volcano of temperament. Gerd manoeuvres our van through narrow streets, the roads are in a catastrophic state, our house rattles up and down at full speed and we hope that our air suspension can take it all.

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Arriving at a nearby campsite right by the sea, we breathe a sigh of relief. Our souls are lost somewhere between goodbyes, new ideas for Algeria, the thick Italian travel guide and lack of sleep.

So: park, fill up with water, eat pasta and sleep. Lots of sleep. The campsite has a dream location, but is in a miserable condition. But it will be alright, the owner took over the run-down place only a few months ago, provides us with a washing machine, ensures a very good mood, fresh water, delicious espresso and sun en masse.

So we stay a few days here in the place called Sferracavallo, let the sun shine on our bellies, eat our way through the Italian menu (finally our favourite food again!) and wash everything. It actually ends up being a spring clean. With airing out mattresses, washing bed linen and carpets and trying to clean the last of the Sahara sand out of our Felix (which of course doesn't work, but never mind).

After a few days "home office" and many hours "arriving in Italy" we are ready for the new country. We are excited about Sicily, about the whole of Italy. Because, as we can already see from the map, this Italy is really long!

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Merci for "travelling with us

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