Austria - Mountain Hike in Voralberg

Pure life. On the way! - Mountain hike in Voralberg
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A little day trip to Austria. If we're already in the vicinity, we'll go to the Pfänder. It seems to be the family and local mountain in Bregenz and needs to be hiked. 

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Here we romp around with a beautiful view of the Alps and Lake Constance. The sun is beating down and we try our hand at technical tricks: we hang the pedometer on the collar of Max, our granddog, so that in the evening we can look back with great satisfaction at the thousands of steps we have taken. Unfortunately, the technology is much smarter than we are: Not a single step is counted and we have to walk our own steps.

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And because we're so technology-loving, we're starting the next attempt: It's selfie time! That also goes wrong at first: 10 pictures of blue sky, a few of Max and a few heads of us. At some point, our daughter takes over the selfie photography and lo and behold, we have a quite passable group picture.

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As we slowly make our way back to the gondola, we learn that it runs until late in the evening (something we are not used to in Switzerland) and take a comfortable seat in a mountain restaurant.

Here we are amused by the completely over-excited and (sometimes very) funny waiter (we also think we will see him again in a comedy show one day), season our food with a "handy" pepper mill and later make our way home happy, full and tired.

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Familytime par excellence.

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Merci for "travelling with us

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