Switzerland - The Rhine Falls

Pure life. On the way! - The Rhine Falls

"Hold your heart, O wanderer, firmly in mighty hands! Mine almost tumbled away, trembling with delight. Restless thundering masses thrown on thundering masses, ear and eye, where do they save themselves in the tumult?" Eduard Mörike

Over a width of 150 metres, several hundred cubic metres of water thunder down 23 metres per second. And in the middle of it all stands a mighty rock... This is the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen.

We don't stand in the middle of it all, we marvel at everything from the sidelines, listen to the din and look for a small café on the shore to comfortably watch the streams of visitors. 

Unfortunately, we do not succeed, because it is

  1. Lunchtime in Switzerland - and we just want to take a short break,
  2. All fully booked and overcrowded - and we didn't make a reservation,
  3. What's more, it was a sunny autumn Sunday - at least we knew that, but ignored it.

So we use the break for an extensive walk along the water, our granddog, whom we have with us along with our daughter, takes great pleasure in romping around. 

And then we're already looking forward to girls' days together (with dog, of course!) in the mountains, while Gerd will drive comfortably to the office.

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Pure life. On the way! - The Rhine Falls

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Merci for "travelling with us

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Dirk Dautzenberg
Dirk Dautzenberg
1 year ago

Wow, these are breathtaking shots again!