Switzerland - We look forward to the onward journey

Pure life. On the road! - We look forward to the onward journey

Home leave, all well and good - but we are in a mental and organisational overload right now. 

The self-chosen meetings with friends and girlfriends, the beautiful days with the family: everything is tiptop. If only there weren't so many external appointments. The bank only has an appointment for us on Wednesday, the AHV (pension) only on Thursday. The garage (yes, it's our own fault, we should have opted for the air suspension sooner!) also has an appointment on Thursday, the following inspection (something like TÜV) on Friday. 

Then there is the renewal of the living will, the appointment with the notary, a huge (and wonderful) family reunion and, on the side, the normal working days.

All in all, yes, absolutely doable. Nevertheless, we are glad that we have done the "organisational stuff" again for a while and can travel in a comfortable, almost boring monotony. That we have each other, that we can leave each other alone and that it's going so nice and slow. Do we book the ferry now? Or do we do it on the spur of the moment? Do we drive through the Gotthard tunnel or rather past Martigny and Mont Blanc? 

We enjoy it wholeheartedly to be able to travel around so self-determined and without having to explain ourselves all the time. Yes, we know about our privilege. But especially the worriers around us would also have this privilege. "Just to say", as they nicely put it in Switzerland.

We will decide our route on Sunday morning when we finally roll out. Look at the road conditions and the possibility to look at the beautiful world through the windscreen or just the 16.9 km tunnel walls.

So, end mimimi - until then, love from Switzerland.

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pure life 221031 13 31 008

Merci for "travelling with us

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