Switzerland - With daughter & grandchild dog on the Gurnigel

Pure life. On the road! - With daughter & grandchild dog on the Gurnigel

On our trip, the one with my favourite husband, I enjoy the time together the most. The long conversations. The breaks. The continuation of thoughts not yet thought through on the following day. And the development of ideas and shared dreams.

We don't have that with our kids - since they've grown up - as much. Somehow there is always too little time. And when we give ourselves time, it's still too little. On the one hand - quite clearly - they already live their own lives. On the other hand, they may no longer want to talk to their parents about everything.

And now suddenly there is time "en masse". We get up together, have breakfast and walk together, cook together (okay, I cook, she watches, I do the dishes, she watches - Hotel Mama works its magic once again) and tell stories. Visioning. We are both self-employed, so there is a lot to exchange. And we are both women: there is a lot to talk about. 

Days later, Gerd will ask us how things stand, speaking time-wise, more points for Mama or more for Kathi? He already knows us pretty well. And we don't give him the answer, because it's not important.

Up here on the Gurnigel, we have a belated FrühMi. We get out our chairs, look into the distance, Max barks at the parking ticket inspector (sorry for that, but he came around the corner so surprisingly that we were also completely scared!) and now, shortly before 2, we finally set off for the hike. 

With the best view and the nicest wooden benches to rest on along the way, we take the path under our feet and hope for less steep sections. Unfortunately in vain. Because when you're on the move in the mountains, you inevitably have to go up and down.

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Merci for "travelling with us

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