Switzerland - With Gerd's Mum to Gruyères

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On Saturday we fly out. The so-called excursion takes us to the canton of Fribourg.

Picturesque Gruyères is situated on a hill at the foot of the Pre-Alps. The car-free village, the cobblestones and the fountain invite you to take a leisurely stroll. 

We and several other people are out and about in the most beautiful sunshine. It is now the end of October, autumn is at its best and Gruyères is always an option for us when we don't want to hike much, feel a little hungry and also need to replenish a little Swiss feeling in us.

Incidentally, the medieval town gave its name to the cheese, Gruyère. Here, names are another thing: the cheese is sometimes called Gruyère, the German form of the same cheese. In Switzerland, everything is a bit different, a bit more complicated and sometimes a bit quirkier. But all in all, perhaps also a little more amiable. 

So we stroll through the little town, Gerd and his mum feast on fondue and afterwards, during the digestive walk, we and the whole market place are buzzing with alphorn blowers. 

I briefly consider whether this is a suitable instrument for me on the journey, and while I am already researching alphorns that are available for purchase, Gerd points out that the neighbours will probably not be delighted by my practice sounds in every place where we will be standing in the future.

In a way, he's probably right. But somehow I still find my idea very appealing. Let's see what the future shows.

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Merci for "travelling with us

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