Switzerland - First days in Switzerland

Pure life. On the road - First days in Switzerland

With longing hearts, growling stomachs and a full box of laundry to be washed, we roll towards Murten.

Gerd's mum awaits us and spoils us with Älplermagronen and homemade apple sauce. Already during the appetiser, the first washing machine is turning with our clothes and we are already clearing out unnecessary things into the cellar, which is our home storage. Our dishes are completely washed in the dishwasher - what a luxury to have the dishes washed for once. 

The laundry dries, the dishes sparkle and flash and we clean Felix from front to back. We rearrange, reorganise and still love our little house.

On one of the days, I drive to Steiner's mobile home in Konolfingen, where Felix gets new tyres and the big well-being programme. After all, he carried us so wonderfully through the last year, he should also be pampered. 

A fancy water tap in the kitchen, a complete cleaning of the water tanks, the one charging booster had weakened a bit and a small repair here and there are due. Nothing major, but at least enough to allow me to set up my home office all day in Steiner's common room with the best service and the most beautiful view. 

And as I write here, I notice that I haven't taken a single picture, I scatterbrain. So there is a Felix photo from a trip to the mountains in the coming days.

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News #1
On 24 June we will give a talk about our trip in the van in Konolfingen, Bern, Switzerland. All info and the possibility to Registration here. We look forward to seeing you!

News #2
I am currently writing a book about the encounters on our journey. If you would like to test-read a chapter or two this summer, please contact me by email.

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Hoffmann Harald
Hoffmann Harald
7 months ago

Hello you two,

A wonderful , true saying ... wisdom of life.

The happiness of the moment,
can't be saved for later!'

It's nice that you continue to share your happiness with us.

Kind regards
Heike & Harald