Leben pur. On the way! - How did we prepare for our great journey?

Leben pur. On the way! - How did we prepare for our great journey?

On 7 December, it's our turn: we will talk online, via Zoom, directly from Tunisia, about how we prepared for our trip. We will answer questions and dispel prejudices.

  • How do you plan such a long journey?
  • What about finances and work?
  • Give up your flat or rent it out?
  • And what about letting go?

We report on our path. Not universally valid, perhaps an inspiration at some points?

Date: 7 December 2022, 7:07 pm (Evening, via Zoom)

For several years we have been a member of the association Digital Nomads Switzerland

Digital nomads? Those are the ones who lie on the beach in a hammock in Bali with a laptop on their lap, sipping a grass-green smoothie and working on the side. Aren't they?

Those who have been following our journey for a while know that this is not quite so true for us. We have nothing against smoothies, nothing against Bali either. But the hammock thing does not correspond to an age-appropriate (hello SUVA!) and ergonomic working environment. 

The DNCH looks after the interests of people who work independently of location, and that clearly includes us, even without a hammock. And once a month there is an online meetup, the so-called 777-dnch-academy.
Link: https://www.digitalenomaden.ch/weiterbildung

On the 7th of each month, 7 minutes past 7 in the evening, we learn from each other and exchange ideas. The whole thing is included in the membership (CHF 20.- per year), and the 777 lectures are later available on YouTube (but without the Q&A session that follows).
Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC88QcNFAAdIey8z13wq7Neg

The zoom link is here in the footer until 7.12. Please feel free to pass it on to anyone who is interested. You could be there live and ask questions. After all, not everyone who is interested in our preparations has to become a member of the association, right?

We are very much looking forward to you and to interested people and interesting questions.

Merci for "travelling with us

These weeks we are travelling through Iran. It's possible that we won't be writing posts or that they will be delayed. We first have to see whether we have enough internet or reception and whether it is suitable for us to publish from the country. And whether we will even manage to write down all the fantastic impressions in time.

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We are also very happy to hear your views, your tips or your questions. Just comment on the post!


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Beatrice Dittli
Beatrice Dittli
1 year ago

I'm going to watch the contribution on Youtube, I'm curious.