Italy - Turbo through Italy to Genoa 

Pure life. On the road! - Turbo through Italy to Genoa 

Genoa is noisy. We are aware of that. But Genoa is also beautiful. We don't really care about that today. 

We drive through mountainous Liguria, the mountains hidden in the fog, the motorway, if it is a motorway, winding through the landscape like a pass road. Always heading south.

We arrive in Genoa very early in the morning and, as every time, we are amazed at how many roads and streets can be built in a single city. Immediately, stress builds up in us. One lane, two lanes, free lanes. Who knows? Plus the Italian-dynamic traffic participation of all drivers.

Gerd steers our Felix to the harbour. Here we find a sheltered parking space. Before we embark, we have to do a Covid test. We can't get on the ferry without it. Or not get off. No one can tell us exactly.

So we stroll through Genoa's dark alleys. Here, shortly before 10am in the harbour district, only street cleaners, police and a few people left over from the night are on the move. The pharmacy - a clear contrast to the surroundings - shines in bright light and delights us with harmless and also negative test results. 

That's a wrap. Item two on the agenda: kaffeln in the harbour. And then item three: buy pesto genovese. Because where, if not in Genoa, do you have to buy pesto genovese?

Gerd has been wanting this pesto for days, from the very shop where we bought it many years ago on our honeymoon and then at every stop in this city. He shall have it. 

Slowly it is time to embark. 5 (!) hours before departure we have to check in. Only to hang out in a desolate harbour area. Good that this is not such a big problem in Felix. We work on our new website (we improve it a bit and find the result quite successful) and make our first pesto dish. Because we know the ferry cuisine: we prefer to go on board already full.

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Merci for "travelling with us

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Beatrice Dittli
Beatrice Dittli
1 year ago

Hello together,

I read that it goes to the heat, great.
I'm curious to see where it goes.
Question regarding the lecture on 07 December 22; can I watch it later on youtube or somewhere else?

Have a good trip, both of you.

Greetings from Canada.